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Product Brands Power Service Products is America's largest manufacturer of technologically advanced diesel fuel additives. Our products have been formulated to provide trouble-free winter operation as well as year-around diesel engine performance improvement from all diesel fuels, including Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel and biodiesel.

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Power Service Fuel Additives

New, more powerful antigels protect diesel engines from the fuel problems caused by bitter cold while + Cetane Boost® increases power, increases MPG and reduces emissions. Slickdiesel® is a proprietary Power Service diesel fuel lubricator that protects fuel pumps and injectors from the accelerated wear rates caused by ULSD.

Your Best Alternative to Dangerous Combustible Solvent Cleaners.

This unique non-flammable degreaser cleaner is water-based, fresh scented and biodegradable. It contains no acids, abrasive or petroleum solvents and is USDA approved for non-food areas.

Saves You Money - Simply Dilute as Directed.

It comes in 32 ounce, one gallon, five gallon, thirty gallon and fifty-five gallon drum sizes as well as 275 gallon totes for commercial, industrial and utility applications. Expanded dilution chart and directions included on each container.

The One Degreaser Cleaner that Does It All!

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