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Lubricant Brands 76 Lubricants is a member of the ConocoPhillips Lubricants family. It delivers a full selection of lubricating oils and greases for all application types, with products that meet or exceed stringent industry quality standards and are designed to keep customers' equipment running at peak performance.

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Engine Oils

Passenger Car Motor Oils

Products with a Winning Tradition Quality. 76 lubricants meet and exceed the most rigorous demands that you can place upon your engine. Beyond laboratory testing, 76 lubricant products are road-tested on the highway and NASCAR® Winston Cup tracks. This demanding development process enables 76 to bring you leading-edge products that race on Sunday and go to work on Monday.

Logical Choice for Todays Engines. You don't have to be a race car driver to appreciate the 76 family of quality products. Normal stop-and-go driving and prolonged periods of idling are just a couple of the stresses regularly placed on today's cars and trucks. And because today's engines demand the same lubricating performance and protection that's needed at the racetrack, you can count on 76. We offer high quality lubricants to combat the effects of today's severe operating conditions... and to improve peak power and operating efficiency.

Super Motor Oil
Custom Motor Oil
Pure Synthetic Motor Oil
Firebird LD Motor Oil

Gear Lubricants

Operating Conditions. Around the world, vehicle and heavy equipment builders are demanding higher power engines and more efficient drivetrains that dramatically improve performance. However, while modern equipment has improved efficiency, it has also increased the operating temperatures of final drives and transmissions.

At these higher temperatures, drivetrain components and lubricants are subjected to extreme thermal stress, far beyond the limits that most gear lubricants were designed to handle. Similarly, the industrial gear box components and lubricants are subjected to enhanced stress from changes in operational severity, increased power density throughput, prolonged oil drain intervals and exposure of critical parts to dirt, dust and moisture.

Thermal Stability and Durability. As design changes increase loads and temperatures in axles and transmissions, it's not enough for a gear lubricant to provide thermal stability - a property that helps keep parts clean by minimizing the formation of harmful varnish and sludge deposits on gears, bearings, seals and other critical components. Today, gear oils must go a step beyond to provide thermal durability, which helps protect critical components from wear under extreme temperatures.

MP Gear Lube
Triton Syn Lube EP
Triton Syn-OG
Triton Syngear
Extra Duty Gear Lube
Compounded Gear Oil
Gearite HD CF
JM HD Fluid
Mineral Gear Lube
Open Gear Compound

Heavy Duty Engine Oils

Meeting Heavy-Duty Engine Needs. 76 Lubricants Company offers a comprehensive choice of quality lubricants designed to meet the demanding needs of heavy-duty equipment.

76 products include high-quality motor oils and lubricants that offer optimum performance and protection for all types of gasoline and diesel engines...especially those that operate in hot, extreme dust-filled conditions.

Guardol QLT Monogrades
Guardol QLT Multigrades
Royal Triton QLT
Triton QLT

Synthetic HD Arctic Motor Oil
T5X Heavy Duty Multigrades
T5X Heavy Duty Monogrades
Unitec HD
Firebird HD Motor Oil

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Automatic Transmission Fluid Choosing the right automatic transmission fluid for your car or light truck is easy: all you have to do is look to 76 lubricants.

76 transmission fluids are carefully balanced blends of paraffinic base oils and selected additives designed to provide optimal performance in your transmission. We have several formulas engineered for your specific automatic transmission needs.

ATF +3 Fluid
ATF - Type F
HT/4 Fluid
Hydraulic Tractor Fluid
Mercon V ATF
Multipurpose ATF
Super ATF
Triton Syn Lube CD-50

Industrial Oils

76 Lubricants Company offers a comprehensive choice of quality oils and lubricants to meet the demanding needs of industrial applications. These products reflect the knowledge and experience we've gained in over 100 years of supplying lubricants. All 76 products have proven over again that they can stand up to the high stress of continuous operation that is critical in this type of environment.

Re-Refined Lubricants

  • Used oil doesn't wear out, it just gets dirty.
  • In the United States, over 350,000,000 gallons of used oil...a volume equal to 35 Valdezb spills...are disposed of improperly each year.
  • 76 Lubricants Company's re-refined Firebird lubricants are a major step forward in preserving and protecting our valuable petroleum resources and environment.
Firebird Lubricants:
Like the mythical firebird that arose from the ashes, 76 Firebird Lubricants are literally reborn from existing used oil stocks. The result is an exciting renewable energy resource that helps promote proper disposal of used oil and compliance with EPA regulations, while eliminating the need to deplete valuable non-renewable virgin oil resources.

Firebird HD Motor Oil
Firebird LD Motor Oil

76 Greases

76 Greases Masters of the Art of Lubrication. Choosing the right lubricants is an art, especially when it comes to choosing the right grease. So when you're making that choice, go with the masters of the art - 76 Lubricants.

We've got a complete line of greases for everything from general purpose applications to unusual, specific lubrication requirements. Big or small, in large quantities or small, in short, if it moves, we'll grease it.

Confidence - To assure optimum results and lubricating efficiency, 76 grease is specially blended to provide consistent, stable performance for its particular application. So you can count on 76 greases to provide you with the corrosion and wear protection your machinery and equipment need to keep running in today's high-speed, highly-stressed operating environments.

Confidence comes from knowing that every 76 grease is backed by product quality, technical support, and competitive pricing you expect from an industry leader with a proud 100 - plus year history of delivering the highest quality in petroleum products and services.

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